Harnessing the power of weather

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The Weather Channel Meteorologist Jim Cantore talks about why weather means business. IBM and WSI, the global B2B division of The Weather Company announce a strategic alliance to bring advanced weather insights to business.

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0:01 bomb weather forecast shapes so many aspects of our lines 0:05 its ripple effect impact every corner of the economy 0:09 it leads to transportation the limbs insurance claims 0:13 and problems with crime news 0:16 but it can also lead to sales weather is a huge 0:20 variable for business performance and one of the largest 0:23 big data challenges businesses face today now 0:27 the weather company and IBM are partnering to help businesses take 0:31 advantage 0:31 weathers ups and downs with data from WS on 0:36 the Professional Division at the weather company and IBM's analytics 0:40 expertise in cloud computing businesses in 0:43 every industry can make better decisions based 0:47 on dating in sight in the data inside is coming from everywhere 0:51 across the Internet of Things in weather sensors 0:55 smartphones cars and planes 0:58 analyzing sales data and long-range forecasts can help retailers decide 1:03 what to sell when and where insurers can now look at whether did 1:08 plus policyholder and warn customers 1:12 the forest to stay safe take steps to prevent 1:16 property analyzing whether do that and energy consumption 1:20 can help keep the lights on without wasting 1:23 powered more dollars 1:26 the weather might be in control but businesses can control how the prepared 1:31 in response to weather patterns 1:34 with IDM in the weather company weather 1:37 means this 1:41 it