White Papers & Reports

Book: Integrating and Governing Big Data

While the term “big data” has only recently come into vogue, IBM has designed solutions capable of handling very large quantities of data for decades, leading the way with data integration, management, security and analytics solutions known for their reliability, flexibility and scalability. 

The end-to-end information integration capabilities of IBM® InfoSphere® Information Server are designed to help organizations understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data—as well as collaborate to bridge the gap between business and IT.

Big Data and Analytics for a Holistic Customer Journey

The potential to leverage big data is unlimited. Each industry has its own unique challenges that can benefit from using big data for new insights and improved decision-making. This White Paper offers an in-depth discussion on how you can use big data analytics to enhance experience while boosting the bottom line. It includes informative case studies on how other companies have used big data analytics to delight their customers. And it helps you understand which IBM bigdata solutions might support your own company’s initiatives in digital marketing, multichannel engagement, and customer experience optimization.

Big Data Needs Agile Information And Integration Governance

This research report from Forrester Consulting, commissioned by IBM, examines the growing role of information and integration governance (IIG) to move big data from the realm of possibility to the reality of business outcomes. Forrester Consulting surveyed 512 business sponsors, business intelligence professionals and IT decision makers, finding that organizations are embracing IIG on the path to big data. This report examines successful IIG practices and offers insight for those on a big data journey.

Technology Innovations for Enhanced Database Management and Advanced BI

This is a research report by noted industry analysts Claudia Imhoff, Intelligent Solutions, Inc., and Colin White, BI Research. IT leaders need to review and enhance their information architecture to support requirements fueled by big data, advanced BI and other innovations. Examine the What, the Why, and the How behind these innovations to exploit the potential for improved business efficiency with IBM DB2.

Unlock Big Value in Big Data with Analytics

Authors John Hagerty and Tina Groves of IBM share some proven drivers of success in generating value with analytics on big data in this IBM Redbooks publication.

Why Information Governance Must be Addressed Now

Aberdeen has long illustrated the benefits of well-managed, trustworthy data, and the problems associated with poor data quality. As data volumes rapidly expand and data environments become more complex, what were once small nuisances evolve into massive, company-wide problems. In order to avoid these pitfalls and achieve better business efficiency and operational performance, top performing organizations have found it necessary to invest in tools such as data security, master data management, data quality, data lifecycle management and data integration. Using research collected from December 2009 to December 2012, Aberdeen examines the hidden financial penalties for lapsed information governance and untrustworthy data.

Business Analytics for Big Data: Unlock Value to Fuel Performance

Learn how IBM Business Analytics software supports organizations when accessing big data, interacting with it to discover and visualize patterns and trends, and performing advanced analytics.

Information Protection: The Impact Of Big Data

The arrival of big data into the enterprise has had a major impact on enterprise information protection as new data stores have emerged, increasing the distribution of data and the complexity of securing and protecting that data along with it. Big data has forced companies to have to define new requirements when it comes to both data management and enterprise information protection. It is now harder to protect sensitive data as it may move around between different transactional and analytical data stores as companies create new analytical workloads. Read this paper by Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies to learn how IBM System z can help secure your data.

Analyst Report: Comparing IBM PureData System with Teradata

Cost/Benefit Case for IBM PureData System for Analytics: Comparing Costs and Time to Value with Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance

Three-year costs of ownership for use of PureData System for Analytics N2001 appliances average 36 percent less than for Teradata equivalents. Comparisons are for comparable applications and workloads. This report applies both sets of metrics to cost comparisons for IBM PureData System for Analytics N2001 and Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2700 in four representative installations in digital media, financial services, retail and telecommunications companies. Results are based on input from 17 organizations employing Teradata Data Warehouse Appliances and 21 employing IBM PureData System for Analytics appliances in comparable roles.

Addressing Government Challenges with Big Data Analytics

Big data is already being collected by many government organizations— and new data is being generated at rapidly accelerating rates. The ability to perform analytics on big data enables government organizations to improve existing processes and operations, and engage in entirely new types of analyses that weren’t possible before.