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Top Tips for Securing Big Data Environments: e-book

Big data environments create significant opportunities along with security challenges. There are risks and threats to the repositories containing data, much of which is financial, personal, intellectual property or sensitive data and subject to compliance regulations. Learn tips on how to secure big data environments.

Managing big data for smart grids and smart meters

Technology in the energy and utilities industry is becoming increasingly advanced, including that of smart meters and smart grids. Although the evolution of these technologies provides companies with tremendous business insight, they also generate unprecedented data volume, speed and complexity. This white paper examines the business requirements, technical challenges and IBM solutions for a variety of data-driven decision-making and planning imperatives for companies in this industry.

Capitalizing on the power of big data for retail

With a wealth of information readily available online, consumers are now better able to compare products, services and prices—even as they shop in physical stores. If retailers succeed in addressing the challenges of “big data,” they can use this data to generate valuable insights for personalizing marketing and improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, optimizing assortment and merchandising decisions, and removing inefficiencies in distribution and operations.

IBM Readiness Assessment for big data

Big data offers organizations new ways to use enterprise data to deepen business insights and extend competitive advantage. Yet many companies are unsure of where to start. An IBM® Readiness Assessment for big data is designed to help. Available at no charge in half-day, single-day or multiday sessions, a Readiness Assessment for big data brings together your IT and line-of-business managers with IBM big data experts in a highly interactive engagement that will help initiate your big data operations.

Threat Prediction and Prevention Solution Framework from IBM

Threat prediction and prevention solution framework from IBM can help intelligence and homeland security agencies uncover security threats and take action prior to the execution of malicious and damaging activity. Read this brochure to learn the key components of the solution and how you can uncover and respond to nonobvious patterns and relationships.

Gartner Inc. Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology

IBM InfoSphere Optim is a leader in Gartner Inc's Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology. InfoSphere Optim received the best ranking in the ability to execute and completeness of vision categories compared to competitors. Gartner reports that data masking should be mandatory for enterprises using copies of sensitive production data for application development, analytics or training. 

Moving Up the Digital Marketing Maturity with Big Data Analytics

Much of the big data evolution is being driven by the vast commercial possibilities of the Internet. The scope and pace of change suggests the advent of an even more fundamental shift, focusing the broader advertising community on a series of critical questions: How can data most effectively be used to address core business needs? Where can this data be sourced? How can it be shared, optimized and enhanced for analysis and monetization? This paper makes it clear.

Converting Big Data Hype into Big Value with Analytics: BI Research

Big data analytics not only can improve business decision-making and enhance business innovation but it's also what provides the business value for big data. Download this white paper by Colin White, president of BI Research.

Innovating with Operational Intelligence: Deriving Competitive Advantage from Business and IT Event Data

Is your organization a real-time enterprise? In a recent benchmark study, nearly all organizations (89%) said it is important or very important to discover and analyze relationships between business events and corresponding IT events. Yet, only 67% of organizations can capture IT events, and fewer than that (56%) can capture business events. Used properly, operational intelligence enables people to make better, faster decisions and it makes it possible for automated processes to respond effectively to events by using business rules and incoming event information. Download this independent report on operational intelligence best practices and the potential benefits of faster, more accurate operational decision-making for competitive advantage.

Big Data Comes of Age

Everyone is talking about big data, but here is a research report that gives facts on what is really going on with big data. EMA Research & 9Sight Consulting conducted a study of business and IT professionals, inquiring about their big data plans and implementations. The report details the obstacles, strategies and approaches identified by the respondents.