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Big Data Analytics for Communications Service Providers

This paper defines what big data analytics mean to Communications Service Providers (CSPs), provides an overview of their most valuable uses in telecommunications, outlines what companies must look for as they adopt new big data analytics solutions and discusses how IBM can help.

Big Data Analytics: Disruptive Technologies for Changing the Game

Unlike many other Big Data Analytics blogs and books that cover the basics and technological underpinnings, this e-book brings a practitioner’s view to Big Data Analytics. The author has drawn the material from a large number of workshops and interviews with business and IT leaders.

Architecting a Big Data Platform for Analytics

How do businesses address the challenges of growing volume and variety of data? How can I introduce new data sources and workloads into my architecture? How do I achieve better time to value and agility in my infrastructure?

If you're wrestling with these and other related questions, I recommend you look into a newly released paper called, “Architecting a Big Data Platform for Analytics” by industry analyst Mike Ferguson of Intelligent Business Strategies. In this paper, Ferguson explores the requirements and considerations for building an enterprise big data analytic ecosystem. Considering more than 20 years of market maturity, the paper addresses the challenges facing businesses with multiple data warehouses and data marts.

Analytics: The real-world use of big data

The Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford and the IBM Institute for Business Value conducted this global survey of more than 1100 business and IT executives. The study highlights the phases of the big data journey, the objectives and challenges of organizations taking the journey, and the current state of the technology that they are using to drive results. It also offers a pragmatic course of action for organizations to take as they dive into this new era of computing.

Big Data: New Insights Transform Industries

Organizations today are collecting tremendous volumes of data, generated by a wide variety of sources, often at extreme velocities. This is “big data”—the millions of stock trades, call detail records (CDRs), social media posts and patient test results produced every single day. Leading organizations in many industries are adopting advanced technologies to generate new, actionable insights from big data that can help them dramatically reduce financial risks, increase operational efficiencies, enhance customer loyalty and improve healthcare outcomes.

Choosing a big data technology stack for digital marketing

As consumers spread their attention across a wide variety of channels and devices, key sources of digital data such as websites, online ads and mobile apps, spin off massive amounts of data. This is the gold that all marketers seek to mine, refine and use to drive up the bottom line. IBM teamed with Semphonic to create a white paper that provide enterprise marketing and IT organizations with a well-defined framework for choosing a marketing digital technology stack.

The Big Data Zoo: Taming the Beasts

Dr. Barry Devlin, a data management authority and founder of 9sight Consulting, published a new white paper on big data titled “The Big Data Zoo: Taming the Beasts.” The paper provides a colorful and thought-provoking look at big data using animal analogies such as elephants, eagles and reptiles to illustrate the challenges posed by this new “wild” data.

Big Data, Bigger Outcomes - Journal of AHIMA

For the past few years, healthcare transformation discussions have centered around EMR adoption, data exchange and interoperability. As we conquer EMR adoption and begin to see the fruits of data exchange (albeit slowly), the conversation swings to analytics to inform and transform clinical and business processes. Big data analytics can provide new insights from the growing volumes and sources of data, and answers business, operational and clinical questions in near real time.

Real-Time Analysis for Intensive Care

It is no secret that healthcare worldwide is in crisis - high costs, poor or inconsistent quality, and inaccessibility are potentially catastrophic. For example, Healthcare in Ontario is expected to account for 50% of government spending by 2011. And in China, 39% of the rural population and 36% of the urban population cannot afford professional medical treatment. While there is no limit to the amount of data continuously being generated in provider organizations, what they lack is a way to analyze, correlate and fuse these different types of data in real time - which in many cases could be the difference between life and death for patients they serve.

Understanding Big Data: e-book

Big data is going to change the way you do things in the future, how you gain insight, and make decisions (the change isn’t going to be a replacement, rather a synergy and extension). This book will help you get  up to speed quickly on this technology and to show you the unique things IBM is doing to turn the freely available open source big data technology into a big data platform; there’s a major difference and the platform is comprised of leveraging the open source technologies (and never forking it) and marrying that to enterprise capabilities provided by a technology leader that understands the benefits a platform can provide.