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Big Data & Analytics in the Cognitive Era

February 26, 2014 | 30:14


No one questions that the world around us is changing quickly, and that big data and analytics is rapidly expanding to better capitalize on those changes we all face. Enter the era of cognitive computing, the ability of systems to not only provide you with the best answer, but actually learn from the answers provided and evolve capabilities according to that learning.

In this videochat, independent analyst and consultant Mike Ferguson (@mikeferguson1), and John Hagerty (@jfhagerty), IBM program director for big data & analytics, discussed the market dynamics fueling the need for a more advanced big data & analytics capability, the expanding scope of analytics and IBM’s new big data & analytics platform for the cognitive era – IBM Watson Foundations

Moderating the discussion was David Pittman (@TheSocialPitt), social media strategist for IBM Big Data & Analytics. 

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