Big Data & Analytics Heroes

Gregory Piatetsky

Analytics/Data Mining Expert, Shapiro, Editor, KDnuggets

Gregory Piatetsky, our Big Data & Analytics Hero this week, is an analytics and data mining expert and editor for KDnuggets. 

How can big data combined with analytics improve the world we live in in 5 to 10 years?

Big data, taken broadly, is a tremendously important technology trend and its impact would be as significant as that of an industrial revolution. While "big data" as a buzzword will likely be replaced by a new buzzword in the next 5-10 years, the technology trend is here to stay.

Big data has already made amazing changes in our lifes. Big data has enabled:

  • Google and other search engines to make information so much easier to find
  • Physicists at LHC to find Higgs boson, one of the monumental discoveries in science in recent years
  • IBM to build many amazing technologies, some of which were showcased in IBM Watson, which defeated the human Jeopardy champions

Some of the areas where we can expect big data and analytics to help improve the world in the next 5-10 years are:

  • Personalized medicine, with better understanding of genetic and environment role in disease
  • More intelligent search for information (imagine a combination of Google, IBM Watson and Wolfram Alpha)
  • New scientific discoveries in physics and astronomy
  • Human-quality machine translation
  • Better energy efficiency for smart homes and smarter cities (IBM has a big program here)
  • More accurate weather prediction, helping avoid extreme weather and improve agriculture
  • Perhaps even help find new solutions to climate change

However, like any technology, big data is a double edged sword and we should also be prepared for potential negative effects. A major problem with big data is that it makes privacy almost impossible in a digital world.

However, to balance this warning, I know that I am optimistic and I certainly expect big data and analytics to make the world a better place.

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