Big Data & Analytics Heroes

Leonardo Nantes

IT Executive, Boa Vista

This week’s Big Data & Analytics Hero, Leonardo Nantes, IT executive of Brazilian credit bureau Boa Vista Servicios, has faced numerous challenges since the merger of two companies took place a few years ago. Boa Vista now serves hundreds of thousands of clients nationwide and handles more than three million transactions per day. Since the business involves credit ratings and personal information, big data security and integrity are paramount.

How have big data and analytics impacted how you do your job today?

We handle information from people in terms of credit and we manage all this data in order to provide good information and solutions to our clients. Big data for us is everything. Right now we are just adding the idea of unstructured data. For the amount of data we deal with we leverage high end platforms to deliver the best results and the best time-response to our clients.

How are you making big data and analytics work for your business?

Analytics for us is also a very important thing. We handle it with a very specialized team that creates models to work with the data and deliver better solutions to our clients. IBM was one of the players we assessed during our planning for this technology renovation, in competition with three other suppliers. We performed an extensive and comprehensive process of evaluating the solutions and each vendor's ability to support us not only during the process of implementing, but also ongoing. IBM showed us the best and most cost effective solution that would give us the right services and platforms for our current needs, and also represent a good partner for the future.

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