Big Data & Analytics Heroes

Suresh Sidhu

Chief Corporate & Operations Officer, Celcom Axiata Berhad

Suresh Sidhu, chief corporate and operations officer at Celcom Axiata Berhad and this week’s Big Data & Analytics Hero, shares insights on how they guided Celecom to be “a leader definitely in…market and possibly the most interesting [telecommunications company] out there today.”

How have big data and analytics impacted how you do your job today?

We are not just harnessing the power of technology to serve customers through traditional telecommunications services, but also to grow the company. I think, traditionally, any analytical activity would take possibly weeks if you wanted to do any sort of correlation analysis. Working with IBM, I think, we took a very different approach. A series of phases have therefore been responsible for bringing Celcom A) out of a slump, B) into being a competitive player in the market and C) towards actually being a leader in some segments of the market, and possibly the most interesting telecommunications company out there today. 

How are big data and analytics changing your business strategy?

We said that we needed to make sure that our ability to analyze our business was highly integrated, fast and easy to do. We’ve also launched a much stronger version of campaign management using the Unica platform. And now we are able to identify a campaign and run it within three to seven days. The real secret sauce to this personalization is something called complex event processing, which we also built with IBM.

What’s the next step in your big data and analytics journey?

I think that now the question is how to drive this analytic-based approach all across the business, including micro market segmentation, micro market reporting and micro market quality management of the network, so that for the first time ever we can see what is really going on across our business. 

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