Big Data & Analytics Heroes

Timothy Llewellynn

CEO and Co-founder, nViso

Timothy Llewellynn, CEO and co-founder of nViso, is this week's Big Data & Analytics Hero. He has found that utilizing the cloud for "big data is creating more opportunities for...clients" because of the massive scalability available to companies like his.

How are big data and analytics changing your business strategy?

Our customers are looking to find new insights about their consumers, essentially, to build better products and services for them. One of our customers using analytics is in the healthcare sector. What we are doing is we are trying to predict levels of pain in Alzheimer’s patients. Alzheimer’s patients have a difficulty in remembering how they feel, so by using the predictive analytics we can actually understand their level of discomfort and provide them with a better level of care.

How have big data and analytics impacted how you do your job today?

Marketing and marketing research use this solution to understand how people feel about their brands. Typically people have a problem articulating their emotions toward a brand. So our method is able to judge and gauge consumer sentiment to some of these very difficult things to measure.

So our company needs a global way to collect consumer reactions to a variety of scenarios and a way to interpret and analyze those reactions. We use IBM, essentially, for the cloud solution to provide that scale and speed in collecting responses globally and analytics to interpret those reactions.

What "gold nuggets" have you uncovered using big data and analytics?

Big data is creating more opportunities for our clients because we can capture emotional reactions on a massive scale online using the cloud. Our clients can now drill into that data using analytics and discover new insights they couldn't find previously find.

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