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Big Data Bytes - May 17

May 17, 2013 | 2:00 PM ET


IBM's Tom Deutsch and IBM Champion Frank Fillmore will debate some of this week's top news for big data, analytics and data science. Frank is Founder and President of The Fillmore Group, a DB2 Gold Consultant and IBM Champion with more than 20 years experience. Frank has delivered more than 100 DB2 courses, and presents frequently to customers and local DB2 users groups. Follow him on Twitter @ffillmorejr. Tom is IBM big data program director and co-author of the popular books “Understanding Big Data” and “Harness the Power of Big Data.” Tom’s Twitter handle is @thomasdeutsch.

This week, we will be discussing these articles, blog posts and videos, along with the “off the cuff” Streaming Round questions.

Careful: Your big data analytics may be polluted by data scientist bias

On GigaOM by Haowen Chan and Robin Morris of @baynote

Have you been witness to data bias?

Is more data going to make the issue of data bias better or worse?

Semantics: The Next Big Issue in Big Data

On American Banker (@amerbanker)

Semantic models create common terms and definitions that give structure to data so it can be shared and exchanged more easily.

What are some of the challenges in bringing structure to large volumes of data, especially at high velocity?

What role does data governance play in semantic models?

The Wearable, Implantable, Personalized Future Of Medicine

On Fast Company by Daniel Reed (@HPCDan)

30 years ago, our cars depended on analog gauges and often our keen sense of smell and sound to know if the car was running right. Now, there are dozens of computer chips monitoring everything. This article is predicting similar advances in our personal health.

What are your thoughts on this technology for healthcare?

VIDEO:  BNSF Railway Runs on Big Data with BLU Acceleration

As a DBA, what excites you about this technology?


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