10 can’t miss posts for big data and analytics developers: July 2014

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Memory test: Which do you remember better?

A) The hours of lectures in Chemistry class


B) Your 10-minute turn with the Bunsen Burner, watching a magnesium ribbon shoot fireworks

As we're sure most of you selected B, it just goes to show: when a theory becomes a spectacle, you pay attention.

This month’s articles show the promise of big data technology in action. Explore the tools that help you digest the data, filter out the noise and make your next business decision based on the trends it reveals. Grab your safety goggles—it’s time to put theory to the test.

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Now for this month's can't-miss posts:

  1. Analyze data in InfoSphere BigInsights using Jaql and SQLEnable access to structured and non-structured data that is stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System and send the results back to DB2, where the data can be integrated with online transactional data.
  2. Link predefined sequence apps with InfoSphere BigInsightsBy chaining and linking sequences of code, software developers can now create custom applications using InfoSphere BigInsights, organize data sources using BigSheets, enhance Apache Hadoop indexing with BigIndex and even schedule automated MapReduce jobs using the InfoSphere BigInsights scheduler.
  3. DB2 tuning tips for SPSS Modeler Entity AnalyticsThis DB2 tuning guidance describes advanced settings for IBM SPSS Modeler Premium Entity Analytics to help you tune Entity Analytics based on specific situations.
  4. Augment the data warehouse with big data landing zoneUse a Hadoop environment as the landing zone to pull in data from various sources, process it and transfer the processed data to the existing data warehouse or other repositories. Explore scenarios of different ways to implement a landing zone.
  5. Implement security within PureData System for HadoopLearn about the types of security features integrated with the IBM PureData for Hadoop appliance. Configure and use different authentication methods for users and groups, the credentials store and session tokens. Discover how to implement reverse proxy and Big SQL security.
  6. Check distribution skewness and kurtosis with Cognos Report StudioGet the steps to dynamically calculate kurtosis and skewness of a distribution (or data set), which report authors can use in Report Studio along with charts as part of descriptive statistics.
  7. Explore sample survey data with SPSS Text Analytics for SurveysLearn how to mine text in survey data. Use sample data to explore the capabilities of SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys, step-by-step manner.
  8. Augment the data warehouse with big data active archiveUse big data technology to set up an active archive for the data from the enterprise data warehouse. Learn how a big data solution based on Hadoop is an ideal platform to build an active archive for historical data in a data warehouse.
  9. Developers talk shop: HadoopDevThe go-to place for Hadoop powered by InfoSphere BigInsights developers. Find docs, downloads, blog posts, labs, events and videos.
  10. Dynamic Cubes: Near real time and cross database queries with Cognos BILearn about the sizing variables involved with Dynamic Cubes and get some high level estimates to help you select the proper resources for their environment.

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