10 can’t miss posts for big data developers in the new year

If your new year resolutions include getting more familiar with big data and honing your skills, here’s a quick, easy-to-scan glimpse of some highlights you might have missed during your holiday celebrating. Think of these resources as items on the grab-and-go aisle in the café. Add a latte and get on with your resolutions for 2014.  

Big data roundup:

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Build flexible apps from big data sources

It's no secret that a significant proportion of the needs for big data have come from the explosion in internet technologies. Learn how to use InfoSphere BigInsights to manage and execute data jobs through a simple REST API and with the help of the Jaql interface, run queries and get information directly from a Hadoop cluster.

The world of interactive media systems and applications

Digital media is rapidly integrating with interactive systems and social networking. For example, television is now an experience that includes social networking for many viewers, who either use their smartphones on an ad-hoc basis or by using a device or social-networking tool provided by the cable or telecommunications network or content provider. Learn more about tools and methods for Linux servers for digital media and interactive systems.

Process big data with Big SQL in InfoSphere BigInsights

SQL is a practical querying language, but is has limitations. Big SQL enables you to run complex queries on non-tabular data and query it with an SQL-like language. Learn how to replace your existing infrastructure and queries with Big SQL, and how to take more complex queries and convert them to make use of your Big SQL environment.

R and the world of big data

From projects as diverse as bioinformatics to interfacing with Google Maps, the R programming language is coming into its own as a powerful tool for professionals in many diverse fields. This article explores unique applications of R with an eye toward inspiring its use in your profession.

Analyze unstructured text using patterns

In this article you will learn how to use design patterns to analyze unstructured text in the context of big data. As multiple tasks are usually required to solve business challenges in this space, the authors describe simple design patterns used to architect solutions that use data in unstructured text documents.

Speed up troubleshooting for InfoSphere BigInsights

Expedite the troubleshooting of InfoSphere BigInsights applications using the IBM Accelerator for Machine Data Analytics with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights to do Hadoop log analysis.

Script basic IBM Cognos 10 report using LoadRunner

Drive performance and stability tests against IBM Cognos 10 with LoadRunner as you focus on executing simple reports in IBM Cognos Viewer.

Embed and pass parameters using workspaces from IBM Cognos

Learn about two new features added to IBM Cognos Workspace in version - embedding workspaces and passing parameters to workspaces.

Get developer resources for business analytics

Find technical articles, communities, evaluation software and other business resources to help you develop solutions to improve outcome and control risk.