Is 2015 the rise of the machines?

Director of Interactive Sales, WNEP-TV /

If I’ve learned one thing in 2014, both through practice and study, it’s that we as humans create data at an astonishing pace. Through advances in technology, each day we create more data than is humanly possible to understand in a single lifetime. The takeaway from this is that we need help!

2015-Predictions_TimMoran_Blog.jpgIf 2014 is any indicator, then I predict 2015 will bring the rapid advancement of smart processes to help us ingest this mass of data and make sense of it at a macro scale. Furthermore, these technologies will cease to exist only as fringe products and will be mainlined into use by enterprise, as well as small and medium sized businesses.

If there is one technology that is on my wish list, it’s a web analytics product enhanced by cognitive intelligence. Millions of man-hours are spent yearly analyzing web usage and traffic data reports, attempting to discern the most minute meaning from fluctuations in traffic. These fluctuations may be meaningless, or they may be the result of phenomena separated by three degrees of intrinsic separation which are nearly indiscernible to anyone but the most advanced statistician.

Users need help making intuitive connections between otherwise seemingly disparate data which may hold mission critical importance to the core of their business. This wish list technology is rapidly evolving and exists now in certain respects, but it is the streamlining of this technology, and others like it, that we will experience in 2015. This isn’t the 2015 of artificially intelligent computer overlords; it is the advancement of intelligent machines that will make your life easier and better.

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