2015: The year of the “I” in “IT”

Chief Evangelist, AIIM International

Organizations of all sizes are struggling with how to extract insight and mitigate risk relative to the massive volumes of information and data that they are accumulating.

2015-Predictions_JohnMancini_Blog.jpgThis isn’t just a question of big data—it is also a question of dark data, trapped in long-forgotten repositories, often without metadata. This is content and information that just begs for the light of day through semantics and analytics.

The emergence of cognitive computing (meaning computing that operates in natural language, makes evidence-based recommendations and is not bound by volume, memory or format) creates an entirely new set of opportunities for organizations.

Traditionally, IT has been more about the “T” than the “I,” focusing on either the deployment of massive enterprise software applications (seemingly the more complicated the better) and the “plumbing,” or our information infrastructures. And big data initiatives have been almost exclusively driven by IT (how do we apply technology to manage large volumes of data?) rather than by the business (what kinds of questions and hypotheses should we be testing with our data?)

I predict that 2015 is the year the pendulum will begin to swing. Organizations now find that they need professionals with a skill set in addition to what is traditionally found among data scientists and IT departments. Specifically, they need executives who understand the management, utilization and application of information and social assets to the organization. They need a new breed of information professional (data entrepreneurs, if you will) to fully capitalize of the opportunity that big data represents.

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