3 Telcos Call On Big Data

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Across industries, companies are finding that a critical factor in their success is the ability to analyze massive amounts of data in near real time. Cell-phone-woman.PNGTelecommunications is one of the leading industries that not only creates a lot of data but is also tasked with understanding customer behavior and gaining insight to improve business decision-making at a very fast pace. Because they deal with large volumes of individual consumers using an increasing number of mobile devices and applications, telecommunications companies frequently encounter all of the top five use cases for big data. Let’s look at some examples.

Let us start with what we call “data warehouse augmentation.” Brocade is an industry leader in providing reliable, high-performance network solutions that help the world’s leading organizations transition smoothly to a virtualized world where applications and information reside anywhere. The organization needed an integrated platform for big data analytics to achieve insights that help other companies be able to aggregate, replicate, filter and analyze both data-in-motion and data-at-rest at lightning speeds. Using IBM InfoSphere BigInsights and IBM InfoSphere Streams software, Brocade is creating a new big data analytics platform that integrates hardware, software and networking technologies.  Using this platform, many of their customers have experienced:

  • Increased user satisfaction and retention, and lower customer churn for communication industry clients

  • Improved service levels across the network and better optimization of IT resources

Read the Brocade Case Study Here

Another of the top uses for big data is operations analysis. We partnered with another organization working toward accurately identifying the real cost savings within any network. TEOCO (The Employee Owned Company) is a leading provider of assurance and analytics solutions to communications service providers worldwide. By taming the glut of data coming from the telecom network, operational and business systems, TEOCO leverages its expertise, big data and real-time capabilities to analyze and optimize network and business performance. The company wanted to analyze 500TB of data from call detail records and inter-carrier invoices daily to help communication service providers (CSPs) identify cost savings and improve services. TEOCO’s assurance and analytics solutions, powered by the IBM PureData System for Analytics, enables CSPs to access and analyze massive amounts of data to uncover the source of cost and network issues. The solution is made up of:

  • Helped a Tier 1 mobile operator save over USD400 million in four years
  • Reduced management costs by decreasing server sprawl
  • Enabled clients to proactively respond to network issues before customer service was affected

Read the TEOCO Case Study Here

Yet another top big data use case is getting an “enhanced 360 degree view of the customer,” something that XO Communications was seeking through an integrated data warehouse. Founded in 1996, XO Communications is one of North America’s largest communications service providers. XO exclusively serves businesses, large enterprises and other telecommunications companies, including more than 50 percent of companies in the Fortune 500. XO wanted to manage data in a way that was profitable to the business and also helped enhance the customer experience. Through the adoption of IBM PureData System for Analytics, the company now enjoys a system that delivers real-time analysis:

  • An enhanced system for analyzing customer behaviors and satisfaction, allowing it to retain more customers and save more than USD 11.2 million.
  • Helped the client reduce data-query times by up to 90 percent, find better, more efficient ways to optimize its data models and procure high-profile information more quickly.

Read more about how XO Communications improved the user experience for millions of customers, and watch this video with Chris Payne, senior manager of business intelligence at XO Communications, talk about their big data implementation and results:

Big data is more than simply a matter of size; it is an opportunity to find insights in new and emerging types of data and content.  As the volume, velocity, variety and veracity of data increases, service providers who can tackle the big data challenge will differentiate themselves from competitors, delight customers, and increase revenue and profits with innovative new services. It's a bold new world of opportunities to explore, and big data is driving it! 


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