35 "Big-brained" leaders on big data and analytics

Social Media Strategist, Information & Analytics Group

Most of us have a handful of people we follow closely for advice on new and emerging technology, or for their innovative approaches to industry challenges, and perhaps to absorb by osmosis some of their business acumen.

big-brain_0.jpgYou might call them thought leaders or influencers. Me, I call them Big-brained people.

These are the folks whose tweets get retweeted feverishly, whose blog posts are shared and commented on, whose podcasts are downloaded for listening on the commute home or at the health club.

Recently, AnalyticsWeek compiled this list of “Top 200 Thought Leaders in BigData & Analytics,” and The Big Data Institute assembled the top 50 “Twitter Accounts in 2013 to follow for #BigData #DataScience #Hadoop topics.” As you might expect, there’s a significant overlap in the two lists.

What you might not realize is just how many of them have appeared right here, on IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub. Here’s a rundown of several blog posts, videos and podcasts from these big-brained people—all in one handy spot for you! And you can click on their names to follow them on Twitter.

But wait, there’s more! Several IBMers are also listed on the lists of top influencers. You can find these folks frequently contributing blogs, videos, podcasts, Twitter chats and more right here on IBM Big Data & Analytics Hub.

We look forward to bringing you more outstanding content from top thinkers throughout this year and beyond. Leave a comment below telling us who you would like to see contribute more. And if you respect the opinion of someone who’s not on this list, tell us that too. We’ll do our best to bring their work to you!