5 must-see sessions for Sales Performance Management at IBM Vision 2016

Senior Product Portfolio Manager, Sales Performance Management, IBM

IBM Vision 2016, 9–12 May 2016, in Orlando, Florida, is a premier IBM global event for sales performance management professionals. Each year, I look forward to meeting with clients to hear how they are using IBM Sales Performance Management (SPM) solutions. I'm looking forward to sharing new insights into how we can help sales organizations drive sales performance and optimization at this year's conference.

Insights from the experts

Attendees at IBM Vision 2016 will have the opportunity to network with peers, discuss the latest innovations in this space and learn how incentive compensation management technologies can transform sales organizations. The event’s three information-packed days will include insights from a variety of experts: 

  • Clients share stories of how they are reaching new heights in sales performance and optimization.
  • IBM Business Partners demonstrate how they’ve successfully implemented SPM solutions to meet unique and challenging business requirements.
  • IBM experts discuss product tips and tricks, best practices and implementation techniques.
  • Thought leaders present trends, best practices, survey results and more. 

Each year, during the period leading up to IBM Vision events, many IBM clients and peers in the sales performance management space contact me. Primarily, they are looking for hints about which new features and capabilities we may unveil for the Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) solution, and they want my take on which sessions they should attend amid IBM Vision’s jam-packed agenda.

Five sessions not to be missed

This year, I’m highlighting which IBM Vision 2016 sessions I think are the five must-see sessions in the SPM track.

1  What’s new for Incentive Compensation Management?

Full disclosure: I love technology. In-the-Labs sessions at IBM events are always at the top of my list of must-see sessions in the sales compensation management space. For current clients, as well as clients thinking of implementing an SPM solution, these sessions can be especially interesting. Session SPM-1132, “What’s new and In-the-Labs for IBM Incentive Compensation Management Version 10,” presents the new features and enhancements of the latest release. In addition, we’ll hear—and this part is pretty cool—the customer use cases that contributed to the development of these new capabilities. In other words, you’ll hear how businesses such as yours are helping shape the IBM ICM product roadmap. Don’t miss this session. Many exciting updates are offered, and it provides a great opportunity to gain access to product offering managers and ask questions.

2  What does the data say about sales compensation analytics?

David Cichelli, senior vice president at The Alexander Group, will be at IBM Vision 2016, and he has a wealth of information and expertise to share in sales performance and incentive compensation design. In Session SPM-1142, “Sales compensation analytics—the data speaks,” Cichelli will talk about the critical role of data analytics in evaluating and accessing incentive compensation programs. In particular, he’ll share the seven key sales compensation analytics that you should be using to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales performance system and metrics.

3  How do you master people and performance analytics for sales compensation?

Many sales and compensation professionals simply look at dashboards from the incentive compensation perspective. However, a dashboard that leads to growth needs to combine both productivity and people metrics. In Session SPM-1194, “Mastering your people and performance analytics for sales compensation,” Rebecca Sandberg, director of consulting services at SalesGlobe, will present how to combine the people and performance sides of the dashboard for a holistic perspective on sales performance management.

4  Are you sure compensation plans are driving desired selling behaviors?

Many colleagues and peers spent significant time at the end of 2015 designing what felt like the best possible incentive compensation plans to ensure success in 2016. As the first quarter of 2016 draws to a close, how sure are you that those plans are driving the desired selling behaviors you intended? In Session SPM-1201, “Compensation plans driving desired selling behaviors. Are you sure?” Barry Trailer, chief research officer at CSOInsights, will speak about what you may be missing in your incentive compensation design considerations.

5  What do leading consultants have to say about ICM implementation challenges?

Some of the best consultants are returning to IBM Vision in 2016. As a result, you have an opportunity to talk with them about any challenges you are having in managing your incentive compensation using the IBM ICM solution. In Session SPM-1130, “Expert exchange: talk with the consultants about your IBM Incentive Compensation Management implementation challenges,” these consultants bring many years of experience and different perspectives. They will share knowledge and best practices you can tap into, and be sure to ask the questions that will give you the answers you need to take back to the office.

Other ways to participate

Check out the IBM Vision 2016 agenda, and register for the opportunity to experience not only these five must-see sessions, but also the chance to network with your peers in the sales performance management space. Attend this event to also share insights into the challenges and benefits of sales incentive management to increase revenue and drive growth.

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