5 reasons developers are attending World of Watson

Sr. Social Media Strategist, IBM

As a developer, you must deliver on your projects while staying up to speed on changes – the new tools, approaches and trends impacting your work every day. That’s a tough balance, considering how stretched you are, and how quickly the field is evolving.

At IBM World of Watson, help is on hand for builders in the cognitive and cloud era. This annual event, scheduled for 24–27 October in Las Vegas, is your opportunity to learn about new methodologies, technologies and practices that can help you achieve your career objectives, efficiently and reliably.

Here are the top 5 reasons why developers are registering for World of Watson.

1. "I need to stay abreast of the latest innovations."

At World of Watson, you will deepen your learning by discovering a varied and valuable collection of cloud-based data, analytics and cognitive services built on open source technologies. Personalize your curriculum by choosing from more than 1,500 sessions, hundreds of immersive cognitive experiences, and many other opportunities to build practical knowledge. Plot out your personal curriculum through World of Watson’s diverse learning opportunities.

2. "I need to connect with experts and my peers."

At World of Watson, you'll be surrounded by developers and other professionals who span a range of specialties, geographies and industries. Learn how you can build applications that derive the most value from your data. You’ll have the benefit of engaging with IBM’s deep pool of experts in development, as well as with experts from our partners and customers. At the event, sessions and activities are structured so that you can’t help but meet other developers who share common interests and focus areas.

3. "I need hands-on experience with new and leading tools."

At World of Watson, take a deep dive into new tools during the more than 200 hands-on labs at the event. You’ll have the opportunity to experience our demo room, where IBM leaders and experts can answer your in-depth technical questions on over 60 products and solutions.

4. "I need to tap into the insights of thought leaders and practitioners."

Get new ideas at World of Watson from developer-oriented sessions presented by practitioners and thought leaders. Learn which visionaries we’ll have presenting in the main sessions and breakouts. And be sure to connect with the 120 innovative Business Partners who will be at the event, all of whom will share their latest services and solutions.

5. "I need inspiration to drive excellence with my work as a developer."

At World of Watson, get creative by exploring innovative solutions in a special developer zone, and brainstorm in real-time with one-on-one “Ask Me Anything” whiteboard sessions. Witness the cutting edge of development in the cognitive era through demos showcasing predictive analytics, machine learning, offline synching and more.

That’s just a quick overview of how you’ll benefit from attending World of Watson, which represents the continuing evolution of the event formerly known as IBM Insight. Watch a short video for more reasons why developers are attending World of Watson.

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