6 simple ways to help fight crime with analytics

Using predictive policing for safer cities

Senior Marketing Manager, IBM

Illicit drugs and narcotics continue to permeate many communities in the US, and some police departments have had to act quickly and preemptively to keep neighborhoods safe. For example, heroin is the root cause for increasing crime rates in Manchester, New Hampshire, and, as a result, heroin addiction has fueled surges in burglary and robbery rates citywide.

On-the-job knowledge

Through the use of IBM predictive analytics, however, the Manchester Police Department has taken proactive and effective action to turn this crime trend around. From its efforts working with IBM Business Partner, Ironside Group, six key learnings emerge based on the department’s experiences using real-time insight to address a potentially debilitating crime epidemic.

1. Go beyond hotspot policing

Predictive analytics not only helps project future crime based on past crimes, but it also allows law enforcement to develop answers about crime through models that can run in seconds and minutes versus hours, days and even months.

2.  Answer the who, what, when and where for police officers

IBM software implemented by Ironside Group enabled the police in Manchester to decisively position officers where they should be deployed and when. It also helped the department understand what its 237 officers should look for once they were deployed.

3.  Benefit from a proof of concept

Ironside Group’s proof of concept confirmed the usefulness of the analytics technology to help reduce crime. And it was an easy sell for the department’s chief, administration command staff, mayor and board of aldermen, who provided the thumbs-up to quickly implement the solution.

4.  Bring together communities and police officers

Citizens have embraced the police presence, witnessed firsthand the reduction in crime and even thanked the officers for helping deter misconduct.

5.  Learn why advanced analytics is more than a one-trick pony

IBM SPSS predictive analytics is a responsive, user-friendly tool that can be used to consider and analyze a number of useful law enforcement–focused assumptions to help fight crime.

6.  Believe in analytics to reduce crime

IBM technology implemented by Ironside Group enabled the Manchester Police Department to achieve astonishing outcomes including these latest results: a 12 percent reduction in robberies, a 21 percent reduction in burglaries and a 32 percent reduction in thefts from motor vehicles

Police story

Learn more about the Manchester Police Department’s story in a video presentation and case study. Then see how IBM Analytics can help transform cities and governments by effectively implementing advanced analytics to investigate crimes.

Effectively investigate crime with advanced analytics