6 ways IBM and Box are transforming industries

Social Business Manager, IBM

How can IBM and Box make your job just that much easier? IBM and Box are partnering to transform how people work in their industries. Indeed, health care, government, retail and insurance are just a few industries that can substantially benefit from offerings that combine the best of Box and IBM. How are IBM and Box going to reshape the ways that work is done across industries? Get the story in the following quotes.

1. IBM is a leader in technology across key industries.

“IBM is essentially in every large enterprise we tend to go after, especially given the kinds of markets we are focused on—things like health care, financial services and government.”—Aaron Levie, cofounder and CEO of Box

2. Together, IBM and Box will help professionals in these industries deal with overwhelming digital data.

“This partnership will transform the way work is done in industries and professions that shape our experience every day. The impact will be felt by experts and professionals in industries such as health care, financial services, law and engineering who are overwhelmed by today’s digital data and seek better solutions to manage large volumes of information more intelligently and securely.”—Bob Picciano, senior vice president, IBM Analytics

3. Customers now have an integrated solution for their data storage, sharing and analytic insight needs with this partnership.

“We have a lot of large customers who are also big IBM customers, and we’ve always tried to play nice together, but we’ve never been fully aligned. There are banks and health care companies who are using Box for secure file sharing and content management who will turn to IBM for deeper understanding of that data from analytics. We’re now going to be able to plug directly into those capabilities.”—Aaron Levie, cofounder and CEO of Box

4. The partnership is combining the best of Box and the best of IBM to transform the way we work.

“Today, we're teaming up with IBM to deliver world-class solutions to transform how enterprises work in the cloud. We're taking the best of Box's technology and combining it with IBM's impressive portfolio of leading security, analytics, content management and social capabilities to jointly create all new offerings and outcomes for customers. IBM will also be leveraging Box's platform and APIs in their iOS applications as a part of their MobileFirst initiative.”—Aaron Levie, cofounder and CEO of Box

5. For example, retailers can provide a more personalized customer experience, and health care providers can deliver improved patient engagement with data analytics insights.

“With this global partnership, the systems that are at the heart of major enterprises will work in concert with the technology powering end-user collaboration and sharing. A retailer will be able to connect their back-office workflows with the content needed to help a retail store associate deliver a more personalized shopping experience, and a health care provider will be able to leverage IBM’s analytics to serve up relevant health information to drive better patient engagement.”—Aaron Levie, cofounder and CEO of Box

6. Further use cases include Omni-channel experiences for customers and collaboration capabilities for workers in the field.

“IBM and Box also plan to help the world’s leading retailers manage their Omni channel experiences. For example, a fashion retailer will be able to deliver a consistent brand experience that extends to all physical and e-commerce stores by sharing advertising images, promotional materials and product lines easily through any device while maintaining control of merchandising consistency, pricing and packaging across all channels.”

“An insurance underwriter will be able to capture and review inspection reports while mobile, to expedite the approval process; a field worker can access up-to-date manuals to solve problems in real time, while documenting work in a central location to drive collaborative scheduling and planning.”—IBM and Box press release

Learn more about what the IBM and Box partnership means for companies interested in transforming how they work with joint integrations and solutions by attending the webcast “Transforming Work” on Wednesday, July 15, at 9 a.m. PT.