Accelerating big data implementations with ODPi

Senior Technical Staff, IBM

Big data innovation is a driving feature in Apache projects. At the Apache Big Data conference in September 2015, Shane Curcuru (of the Apache Software Foundation) related how 167 Apache committees are managing 278 projects—among them Apache HDFS, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Flink and Cassandra—featuring more than 5,000 committers. These projects can be assembled in different ways (for example, to produce the various Apache Hadoop distributions), and applications that run on one distribution often require modification before they can run on another.

On 28 September, 2015, the ODPi launched as part of an attempt to support rapid development of big data applications by identifying core set technologies, conformance tests and guidelines for adoption. ODPi members make up a diverse group of big data solution providers and end users, and the ODPi certification process is designed to help applications run on different distributions unchanged.

Among the ODPi membership are more than 35 maintainers—among them my IBM colleagues Scott Gray and Raj Desai—from more than 25 member companies. The IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop plans to stay current with ODPi, including with the results of the technical work performed by maintainers at

Please join us at IBM Insight for the following open technology and ODPi sessions:

  • Session HOS-3761: Accelerating big data implementations with ODPi
    Tuesday, 27 October, 1:00–2:00 PM, Jasmine F
    Find out what ODPi means for you in a panel discussion featuring representatives of various organizations.
  • Session HOS-3622: Open source technology—the transformation of data software and solutions
    Wednesday, 28 October, 10:30–11:30 AM, Banyan B
    Attend lightning talks about open technologies and interfaces—including Graph, Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, NoSQL, OData, ODPi, Apache Spark and TinkerPop—and a closing question-and-answer time.
  • Session HOS-3499: Open source software architectures—making a difference in data analytics
    Wednesday, 28 October, 2:30–3:30 PM, Jasmine F
    Get an architectural view of popular open-source packages, discovering how to leverage them to build effective data analytics platforms.

There will be chocolate!

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