Accelerating Big Data to the Speed of Business: Highlights from the April 3rd Announcement

Social Media Strategy Lead - Information Management, IBM

On April 3rd, IBM hosted a press, analyst and social influencer event in Almaden, California at the IBM Research Lab to introduce a new suite of IBM big data solutions, further expanding the IBM big data platform.

To follow the real-time discussion as the event unfolded, check out #BigDataMgmt for participant reactions.

“In a new era of computing, leaders are discovering that their continued relevance, and even survival, depends on harnessing big data for operational systems and new systems of engagement. Big Data is the next natural resource fueling change. The innovations announced on April 3rd, in Almaden California, will enable our clients to mine big data, refine it through analytics and deliver new insights to achieve better results,” said Bob Picciano, General Manager of IBM Information Management.

Picciano went on to describe how these products would change the way companies interact with big data in 3 very important ways:

  • Organizations first need to mine big data through Exploration.  Exploration is finding, connecting and understanding the value of all available data.
  • Refining big data is accomplished with advanced analytics made possible with improved Performance. Big data can affordably be transformed into actionable insights in seconds rather than hours—making an impact on every project and decision.
  • Delivering the value of big data at point of impact means ensuring its Consumability. Organizations can accelerate time to value with big data systems that are flexible and intuitive. Business users can easily understand big data insights to apply to their initiatives.

New solutions announced include:

  • DB2 with BLU Acceleration: Provides dramatically faster reporting and analytics, and significant reduction in disk space, featuring create, load and go simplicity.
  • Enhancements to our big data platform, with new versions of InfoSphere Streams and InfoSphere BigInsights, with increased consumability and performance for analyzing information in-motion or at rest
  • IBM PureData System for Hadoop, the newest member of the PureData family, enabling you to explore and analyze more data with appliance simplicity.
  • In addition, IBM is featuring additional capabilities in its big data platform, including:
    • Informix 12.1 with TimeSeries Acceleration accelerates reporting and analytics for smart meter and sensor data
    • Entity Analytics for detecting like and related entities across large, sparse, and disparate collections of data
    • InfoSphere Data Explorer enables people to explore and discover new sources of potential value across data and content silos
    • Information Integration and Governance ensures data quality, delivers information across enterprise systems, manages the information lifecycle and protects data
    • Accelerators speed time to value with analytic and application accelerators

Please join us on April 5th for a Google Hangout featuring Jeff Kelly of Wikibon, IBM product specialists and Almaden participants as they discuss what this announcement means for organizations facing a big data future.

On April 30th, IBM will hold a free broadcast event, diving into the announcement in great detail, featuring actual customer stories. 

To find out more about the products announced, please visit our new webpages detailing the products.

Follow this list of big data social influencers and Almaden participants on twitter to see how the story continues to develop in the marketplace.




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