Acquire, analyze and act to build intelligent real-time applications at IBM Insight at World of Watson

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Streaming analytics has the ability to bring meaning to fast-moving data streams and success to a wide spectrum of industries. IBM InfoSphere Streams software analyzes the broad ranges of streaming data and makes decisions while events are happening. Now organizations can subscribe to device data that offers advanced analytics using Streams with Internet of Things platform capabilities.

Customer perspectives not to be missed

Here are a few must-attend customer sessions that focus on streaming analytics that take place at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016.


Real-Time Performance Monitoring of Critical Healthcare Systems Using IBM Streams

Cerner monitors the health and performance of its customers’ hosted systems. One method to determine users’ experience of performance is to identify what Cerner has named as a Performance Abnormality Flag (PAF). PAFs are markers in time that represent end-user performance degradation as compared to the same hour of the week over a 30-day observation period. The PAF algorithm is derived from the Response Time Measurement System (RTMS) records produced by Cerner solutions. Approximately 1.2 billion performance records are generated daily from all clients worldwide. Cerner uses IBM InfoSphere Streams to gather, process, baseline and analyze the PAF algorithm for all 1.2 billion RTMS daily timers.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Improving Healthcare for Children with Streaming Analytics

In the pediatric population for major surgeries, the airway is often secured with an endotracheal tube (ETT), and mechanical ventilation is subsequently initiated. Clinicians use auscultation of breath sounds and capnography to verify correct ETT placement. Automatic detection of endotracheal intubation time can therefore enable better real-time data capture to support clinical decisions and help avoid life-threatening episodes. In this session, learn how the IBM Big Data Stream Computing Platform was used to develop and implement a novel mathematical model based on high-resolution physiological data. This model uses continuous wavelet transform analysis to optimize in real time the endotracheal intubation in children.


Cognitive Diabetic Management: How and Medtronic and IBM Created the Sugar.IQ App

Sugar.IQ harnesses the power of cognitive analytics to help diabetics with actionable insights relating to their day-to-day activities and alerts for predicted hypoglycemic events. You can see the main capabilities and technical architecture of this solution, and the speakers share the challenges and experience of design thinking and agile development under Healthcare Industry Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and Quality Management System requirements.

Verizon Wireless

What’s Hot and What’s Cool in Stream Computing: Emerging Trends You Need to Know

Verizon Wireless has undergone a transformation to create a real-time framework that includes consolidated data sources, a decision engine, high-performance data streams, established data science practice, analytical models, machine learning and cognitive capabilities. This framework enables them to know the customers’ end-to-end journey in real time to connect the context with customer data. Verizon has become proactive rather than reactive in engaging and personalizing the customer experience, while also creating value for its shareholders.


Linear Road Streaming Benchmark: Paving Ways for High-Performance Analytics and Insights

When Walmart sought a streaming analytics solution, it used the Linear Road streaming benchmark to research what was available. In a head-to-head comparison with two rivals, the retailer opted for the performance of the IBM solution. IBM InfoSphere Streams cuts through big data and real-time hype with a fast, highly advanced stream processing technology. The Linear Road streaming data benchmark provides all the big data and real-time data needed to test and tax modern data processing systems.

And even more perspectives on streaming analytics

Lots of other interesting breakout sessions on streaming analytics are taking place during IBM Insight at World of Watson 20106, and we’ll share the roadmap of streaming analytics at the conference. Be sure to get your hands dirty at the hands-on Streams labs. 

Discover streaming analytics at IBM Insight at World of Watson 2016