Addressing Government Challenges with Big Data Analytics

Government Market Segment Manager, IBM

It is my privilege to support government sector marketing for IBM. We live in a complex and sometimes dangerous world with growing threats to public safety, national security and the environment. We expect more and more from our governments and at the same time, there are significant economic and budgetary pressures on national, regional and local jurisdictions.

Technology can make a difference by addressing government challenges with big data analytics. Government organizations are looking for ways to become more efficient, reduce or maintain costs, offer better services and increase responsiveness. Many are exploring ways to leverage data analytics to better address challenges and improve operational efficiencies and services.

Government responsibilities cover a wide range of duties that can benefit greatly from accurate and timely analysis of data, including national defense and security, police, fire, transportation, education, health and human services and managing taxation.

The types of data that governments may want to analyze include records about citizens, businesses and transactions stored in core systems and data warehouses; text documents including email, blogs, social media, chat-room exchanges or medical notes; and other data such as videos, broadcasts, images, sensors, and geospatial and weather information.

This is big data and it is being produced at unprecedented volumes, in structured and unstructured forms, at high velocity from sources far from traditional. As we observed in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, many types of data can be analyzed in near real-time to produce astounding results.

We now have an ability to perform analytics on big data to improve existing processes and operations, and engage in entirely new types of analyses that weren’t possible before.

IBM is helping its government clients, and in new white paper, we share several use cases that show how these solutions are making a difference for citizens and the environment.

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