Analysis and Recaps of Big Data Challenge Final Four

Social Media Strategist, Information & Analytics Group

It was a wild weekend of mammoth matchups between formidable technology titans in the Smart Sixteen Big Data Challenge! With the field narrowed to the Elite 8, questions still abounded.

  • Would Predicting Customer Behavior be able to break the cool-under-pressure Improve Campaign Effectiveness to claim the top spot in the Marketing Region?
  • In the Infrastructure Region, could the upstart Simplified Data Management overcome the steely Analyzing Machine Data?
  • Over in the Finance Region, which of the double-threat stalwarts would prevail – Governance & Risk Management or Threat & Fraud Detection?
  • Could the fast-break attack of Real-time Streaming Data wear down the storied Enterprise-wide Implementation juggernaut?

For complete analysis of the tournament and a look ahead to the Final Four teams, we turn to our expert panel:

Read all four posts and tell us if you agree with our analysts’ picks. 

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