Analytics and Hadoop: Friends or foes?

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In today’s data driven world there are many terms bandied about that executives are not quite sure of their meaning or usage. For many, Hadoop is synonymous with big data and its Vs, often closely linked to analytics. Businesses are then trying to understand what solution is best for them. Is it Hadoop, analytics or both? And more importantly when and how can they apply these solutions to optimize their businesss processes and derive ROI.

In our next #BigDataMgmt Twitter chat we will discuss how Hadoop and analytics play together.

Our special guests for the chat are Stephen O’Donnell, (@stephenodonnell) CTO at Amlin and author of "What Every CIO Wants" and Tom Deutsch (@thomasdeutsch) program director of big data technologies focused on Hadoop, Cassandra and analytics. Twitter handle @IBMbigdata will be moderating the chat.

You can follow along and join the discussion using the hashtag #BigDataMgmt. Here are the questions we’ll be discussing, as well as some reference articles to help inspire the conversation on Wednesday, March 26, 12:00 p.m. EST.

#BigDataMgmt chat questions

  1. How are customers using Hadoop and analytics?
  2. What does the term in-Hadoop analytics mean?
  3. What critical capabilities are needed to perform analytics in Hadoop?
  4. How are Hadoop and analytics integrated with other key technologies?
  5. Is analytics with Hadoop performed different than traditional business analytics?
  6. How do organizations determine when to use Hadoop and when not to?
  7. Will Hadoop be enough for organizations just starting with big data? Why or why not?
  8. How do you ensure that the insights pulled from analytics and Hadoop can be trusted and are secure? 

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Featured Guest


Steve is a globally recognized businessman and a thought leader in Virtualization, Solid State Storage, Cloud, Data Centers, Managed Services, IT Security, Big Data Analytics and Sustainability. He has a significant global following on Twitter @stephenodonnell

He is the author of "What Every CIO Wants" a unique insight into the mind and motivations of senior IT and business managers. As a subject matter expert is credited as the initiator of the Data Centre Maturity Model adopted by the Green Grid. He holds patents in IT cooling technology.

Specialties: Global Business Leadership, Technology Product Marketing, Storage industry Commentator, Business Growth, Speaker and Author, IT Security, Sales Execution, Business Operations

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