Analytics experts discuss AI's present and future

Senior Content Strategist, IBM

Where is AI headed?

How should you be thinking about AI?

What should you be doing with AI? 

To answer these questions, we recently convened a roundtable of tech influencers to discuss some of the most burning issues arising from AI — starting with why we should think of it as “augmented intelligence” rather than “artificial intelligence.”

IBM Champion Christopher Penn moderated the session, which featured a lively discussion with AI consultant Steve Ardire, futurist Bill Jensen, and business process architect Colin Sumter

Listen to the podcast:

The case for “Augmented Intelligence”

As the panelists point out, “artificial intelligence” has a branding problem: too many people hear the term and think “A machine is going to take away my job.” By contrast, “augmented intelligence” emphasizes the power of humans and machines working together to automate routine, repetitive tasks and uncover insights that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. As Sumter puts it, it’s not about codifying the 25 tasks you do and replacing all of them with AI; it’s about cutting away the 10 tasks that AI can handle best so that you spend your energy on the 15 tasks where a human adds the most value.

The panelists go on to talk about how AI is helping companies use business analytics to understand and improve complex operations and decision making, from the factory floor to the board room. Among other topics, they also cover:

  •       Using AI can promote greater human collaboration and innovation
  •       How executives’ view of AI differs from everyone else’s
  •       The need to improve user interfaces to weave AI seamlessly into devices and workflows
  •       The importance of codifying tacit or implicit knowledge for better AI
  •       Thinking ahead about personal, moral, and ethical issues — especially bias
  •       What AI means for the future of work, including the possible rise of professional “guilds”
  •       The promise of hyper-personalization for end users

How AI can empower our humanity

One intriguing theme to emerge from the discussion is how AI can actually promote our humanity. When machines and machine learning can eliminate so many tasks for us, what’s left are the irreducibly human qualities that each of us brings to the work — qualities like courage, creativity, leadership, and empathy.

There’s much more where that came from. Listen to both parts of the podcast to learn from these industry experts as they engage in a wide-ranging discussion of the most vital AI issues affecting your business.