Analytics - A New Way for Business to Drive Top Line Revenues

Sr. Product Marketing Director

Cutting costs and improving process efficiencies are common paths businesses take to boosting their bottom line. The difficultly of driving top line revenues makes this a road less traveled. IBM Netezza customers are showing the way - use advanced analytics on big data to grow top line revenues. This approach unifies sometimes disparate parts of organizations - IT, sales, marketing, operations, and finance - to net out significant opportunities and revenue lift for their business.

MediaMath employs what they call Math Men and Math Women who “use data to understand consumer behavior and identify opportunities”. For their customers, media buyers in marketing departments, MediaMath use technology and data to turn ideas into results. This is advanced analytics. Nucleus Research recently completed a return-on-investment study on MediaMath’s implementation of technology - IBM Netezza. Nucleus Research found the company generates an average annual benefit of $2,248,000 on an annual technology investment of $538,000 - a ROI of 212%.

A pragmatic definition of big data is that it breaks existing data warehouse infrastructure (I’d like to attribute this quote to its originator – please contact me if you know whose quote this is). Founded in 2007, MediaMath started out using MySQL as their database and then moved to Oracle. When five terabytes of data with 350,000 daily transactions broke their implementation of Oracle Standard Edition Database, MediaMath moved to Netezza. Nucleus Research found that “Adoption of Netezza has reduced MediaMath’s annual spend on software license maintenance as well as enabling it to grow without adding IT resources to support its business”. MediaMath paid back their investment in IBM Netezza in just 5 months.

Better results for less money: all executives understand this language.