Announcing the Db2 family of hybrid data management offerings

VP, Worldwide Portfolio Marketing, IBM Analytics, IBM

Today, data is the most valuable resource of any business, enabling the actions and insights that empower business disruption. But it can only do so if it’s fully liberated to work for you. We’re working towards a future in which businesses can unleash the power of their databases without constraints, in whatever way best serves their evolving needs. 

We want to enable you to make the most of your data by making it easy to deploy it wherever it’s needed, fluidly adapting to your changing needs, and allowing for integration of multiple platforms, languages and workloads. We believe in “data without limits”.

For us, “data without limits” has three key principles:

  • Freedom of Location: store, manage and analyze your data wherever and whenever it is most useful, efficient and economical — be it in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises.
  • Freedom of Use: grow and change with a company’s evolving needs and an ever- changing world with capabilities such as mixed transactional and analytic workload support, extreme scaling, and elastic pricing.
  • Freedom of Assembly: take advantage of an approach designed for a world in which users are liberated to work across platforms, languages, and data types in the environment they choose.

To help clients easily identify how IBM enables these principles, “Db2” will no longer represent a single product. Instead it will represent an entire hybrid data management family designed to span transaction databases and facilitate data warehousing that helps clients achieve “data without limits”. Details about our new Db2 family naming — including the “Db2 Warehouse” offerings formerly known as “dashDB” — can be found in our latest Announcement Letter.  

To reinforce this, we have visually redesigned the Db2 brand. The modernization of “Db2” with a capital “D” and lowercase “b” places all emphasis on ‘Data’ — your data. At the same time, the new design represents the elemental nature of Db2 (think periodic table) and connotes the fundamental importance of hybrid data management. What this means for you is that we think Db2 can serve as the core to your organization’s hybrid data management layer, and thus serve as the foundation to getting competitive value from data. 

It’s time that you had the freedom to use data on your own terms and IBM’s family of Db2 products is ready to help. To learn more about IBM Db2’s ability to provide “data without limits,” watch our replay of the “Fast Track Your Data” event and speak with your IBM sales representative or Business Partner. 

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