Announcing IBM DataWorks: A cloud-based data refinery

Director, Product Marketing, InfoSphere, IBM

Last week at Insight 2014, IBM made an exciting announcement: IBM DataWorks is available now. DataWorks is a data refinery—it ingests raw big data, refines it and makes it available across the enterprise. Clients packed around the demo stations and into sessions to learn more about IBM DataWorks. It offers capabilities to refine data on the cloud, utilizing services for loading data, cleansing, profiling, classifying, matching and masking.  The reaction was overwhelmingly positive, and I’ve narrowed it down to three key reasons why:

DataWorks is a cloud-based data service

Many organizations are pushing more processing, applications and, therefore, data to the cloud. Those clients were very intrigued by the idea of a cloud-based set of data capabilities to discover, profile, ingest, refine and govern data. IBM DataWorks capabilities can be accessed inside could applications—and therein lies the appeal. DataWorks can become another feature inside client’s existing applications. 

A lot of clients were also excited about the ability to get up and running quickly, as it is a cloud-based service. They were also intrigued by utilizing it for cloud-to-cloud integration scenarios. 

DataWorks is designed for business users

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Clients reacted positively to DataWorks’ ability to provide business user self-service. This was demonstrated via Watson Analytics, a cloud-based analytic application that contains DataWorks capabilities to get, profile, cleanse and refine data. Upon seeing that demonstration, one business analyst summed it up very well: “Wow, data capabilities inside my analytic application—I could be so much more productive if I could get my own data.” The fact that the data is safe to use (governance) as well as relevant was, of course, a huge positive. Finally, business users have the power of enterprise integration and governance at their fingertips.

DataWorks is designed for application developers

IBM DataWorks is available on IBM’s PaaS: IBM Bluemix. Application developers were really excited to get their hands on the capabilities, and to start developing data-aware applications. As developers attended sessions and hands-on labs at Insight 2014 last month, their excitement was palpable. What resonated the most was the ability to build data-centric applications quickly and easily—ones that ingest refined data and act upon it. Since Insight, developers have been flocking to Bluemix and signing up to use DataWorks services. But don’t take my word for it—check it out for yourself.

Get hands on

Clients who have or will soon have a data lake were very keen on the notion of data refinement. In fact, a data refinery is a natural fit with a data lake—to take raw data from the lake and refine it for various uses in other systems. Learn more about IBM DataWorks.

IBM DataWorks is available to application developers via Bluemix—get started today.

And IBM DataWorks is available within cloud applications, such as Watson Analytics (cloud-based cognitive analytics) and IBM dashDB (cloud based data warehouse).

If you’re tired of chasing after data in your organization, try out IBM DataWorks, and make data work for your organization.