Answers in Analytics: How athenahealth automated reporting and optimized operations

Senior Marketing Manager, IBM

New government rules and regulations—such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Medicare and Medicaid, The Affordable Care Act, and so on—continually affect healthcare organizations. The ability to respond to these legislative mandates requires much agility. For organizations such as athenahealth, having an information technology infrastructure that is flexible enough to accommodate growth while allowing it to address healthcare industry market changes is a must. Take a look at what brought athenahealth to IBM to achieve its business goals.

A wide reach in Watertown, Massachusetts on the banks of the Charles River in an old military weapons arsenal, athenahealth exists to make medical practice management easier than ever with its cloud-based services. More than 64,000 health providers are now part of its nationwide cloud-based network, athenanet, where real-time data is collected, curated and put to work to drive performance for organizations of all sizes. Every day, more than 4,000 athenistas support their clients by tracking performance data, processing claims and managing administrative tasks.

athenahealth reached out to IBM with the goal of providing the same excellent level of support to all its customers including doctors, small clinics and large hospitals. For athenahealth, anytime processes across its organization can be streamlined and automated so that their teams can focus on more value-added activities is always a plus. IBM Cognos Disclosure Management and IBM Cognos TM1 were the catalysts to enable athenahealth to achieve this goal. The solutions empowered the organization to automate analytics processes that support enhanced customer service and find new ways to optimize processes such as billing and medical records management.

Progressive results

athenahealth has been able to achieve its goals and more. Using IBM solutions, financial reporting has been accelerated from days to minutes. In addition, its C-level executives have been able to serve themselves with instant insight into financial data and plans. But athenahealth’s desire to automate processes goes well beyond just its practice. Because the company is in the business of helping all entities—doctors, providers, hospitals, payers and insurance companies— in the healthcare network, it has been effective in bringing them together to deliver outstanding care to patients.

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