Answers to your questions about becoming a digital business

Digital Marketing Manager, Big Data & Analytics, IBM

Digital business, although a very common term, is far too often confusing to people, especially amid all the hype around big data. To make things simple, and to answer a few important questions around digital business, we organized a recent CrowdChat with some industry experts.

What started with a simple question—How do you define a digital business?—went on to become a high-quality discussion touching on almost every important aspect of digital business. The conversation covered key topics such as the advantages, disadvantages and changes to expect in an organization; infrastructure needs; and the importance of analytics and security. By the end of the hour, we had reached almost 4.6 million users and logged more than 1,700 page views. Here is a snapshot of some popular replies from the CrowdChat. do you define a digital business?

A business that is primarily doing business in a digital setting—for example, an eCommerce site with no physical retail locations.—Kevin Waugh

A business in which all channels are connected and integrated with one another, and management and employees have full transparency into the actions of consumers to best meet and exceed their needs.—Betsy Miller Daitch

Everything streaming in and out of your mobile, social, data and online channels is now your business.—Kirk Borne

What are the pros and cons of being a digital business?

Being able to take advantage of opportunities that would only be available for a few moments or minutes.—Jonathan Sloan

Transformation implies extension of integration of system of insight with systems of record on z Systems to improve business transactions and batch with analytics.—Helene Lyon

What will need to change for your organization to become a digital business?

People, process, technology. Changing people’s behavior and attitudes is always the most difficult part of the equation.—Jeff Frick

True marketing automation systems with robust back-end infrastructure to analyze that customer of one.—Meg Swanson

Can your current infrastructure cope today with the demands of being a true digital business?

An integrated platform is critical to success, and for those clients with data coming into their business on z Systems, there are many new technologies that make this a reality.—Annette Zawacki

It’s all about instrumentation. If you are not tracking every click, download, install, transaction, share and link, all of this to one session, you can't truly call yourself #digitalready.—Joel Horwitz

What is the role of analytics with regard to the digital business?

Data and analytics are at the heart of digital business, with real-time cadence.—Neetan Chopra

Analytics should sharpen the point and edge of your company vision.—Tim Moran

Analytics and data are the backbone of today's business decision-making process.—Tim Crawford

How will the digital business impact security, and what will need to change?

The cost of not taking security seriously in the digital world can be crushing to any business.—Willie Favero

The key is to look at automation and correction of data to provide greater insights to #InfoSec.—Tim Crawford

For more highlights, read the complete transcript. Additionally, download the on demand webcast "Becoming an Enterprise Digital business - A perspective from featured Gartner analyst Donald Feinberg" today.