Apply streaming analytics technology to improve medical care

InfoSphere Streams Product Manager

Things can indeed save lives. With the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT), intensive care units (ICUs) are changing for the better. Using IoT technologies and streaming analytics, leading healthcare providers are harnessing data streams to spot trends and patterns sooner. As a result, they are improving patient care while lowering costs.

Data streams are used by leading hospitals in many different areas—from neonatal for pediatric to adults for internal medicine and neurological applications. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology with the Hospital for Sick Children and other hospitals including Emory, UCLA and Columbia University are using streaming analytics to correlate data across multiple ICU monitors using advanced descriptive and predictive analytics to affect healthcare outcomes.

There is plenty of data to explore, generated by sensors and other devices showing vital-sign trending data and clinical alarms, that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Healthcare providers around the world are using data access, analytic algorithms and visualization to detect illness earlier and reduce healthcare costs. A key to the success has been the ability to fuse different data sources in real time, from physiological streams such as electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and respiratory rate with electronic health records. Life-threatening conditions such as nosocomial infection, pneumothorax, intraventricular hemorrhage and periventricular leukomalacia can be detected using analytics that combine various data sources. upcoming complimentary webcast, "The Internet of Things in Healthcare: Improving Medical Care," gives an overview of streaming analytics healthcare, focusing on two IBM Business Partners and the solutions they offer for hospitals. CléMetric Healthcare Data Analytics delivers its Real-time Critical Care Insights and Alarm Fatigue Solutions on-premises or in the cloud. RGI Informatics provides RGI Mobile together with its RGI Healthcare Analytics Solution for a complete analytics environment—working in real time—that deploys algorithms to identify specific patient populations, for point-of-care compliance reporting and analysis.

Join IBM, CléMetric CEO Gergens Polynice and Richard Goldstein, CEO of RGI Informatics to learn more about how streaming analytics can help healthcare organizations reduce costs and improve patient outcomes. To experience the ways data can drive better healthcare, visit this IBM Analytics resource page. Discover more information on the IBM streaming analytics portfolio, and start your journey to a deeper dive into the power of big data in the Internet of Things.