Applying weather data analytics to your business strategy

Vice President, Weather Strategy and Business Meteorologist, The Weather Company

Weather is a foundational driver of consumer behavior and of all human activities. 

To date, weather has been a mostly unmanaged external demand influence. It has huge and growing economic implications that amount to nearly $500 billion a year in the US alone.

The weather is not getting any calmer, and there are more of us to face the brunt of its impacts. But if you can measure weather’s impact, you can manage it. Increasingly more precise data, accurate predictions, new data availability, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data and big data analytics are changing the paradigm.

That’s why The Weather Company has teamed with IBM is to help brands rethink how they plan for and execute against the weather. 

Traditionally, the weather paradigm from a brand perspective has been “cope and avoid.” Brands know that the weather has a huge influence on customers—and consequently, their business. Some cynics will say you can’t change the weather, and can’t predict it perfectly, so let’s just plan our businesses and just hope for the best. 

But the new paradigm is really one of anticipate and execute. You can anticipate from a historical perspective how the weather is going to influence your consumers. And then you can anticipate what’s going to happen because the forecasts are built into how we all live our lives. Most of us check the weather two or three timesWeather’s power over us is undeniable, but big data analytics can help enterprises take advantage of weather forecasts. Business can now anticipate how the weather is going to influence consumers, and then measure, monitor, predict and execute against a nonstop flow of weather data. a day on our smartphones. So you can actually anticipate what people are going to be able to need and then execute against that. 

The Weather Company and IBM partnership takes the weather data we’ve got—all those billions of data points we predict for and that we measure around the globe—and then integrate it all back into IBM’s technological capabilities and service portfolio. This enables us to truly unlock the value of weather data. And we’re going to be able to help companies really start to leverage it as opposed to being victimized by the weather. is transforming business everywhere. The weather continues to be highly impactful and volatile in our lives. Brands need to measure, monitor, predict and then most importantly execute against this huge, nonstop flow of weather data. For further context and perspective on the importance of weather data analytics, check out these links: 

Attend IBM Insight 2015 in Las Vegas. IBM and The Weather Company will show you how to use weather data packages and IBM data science tools—such as Apache Spark as a Service in the IBM Bluemix cloud—to address your most urgent weather-related business challenges, including a powerful workbench and Apache Spark as a Service, to build powerful new smart data applications for meteorological forecasting. 

Learn how you too can use Spark as a Service to hack your weather-related analytics challenges.