Are you leveraging citizen developers?

Program Director, Watson and Big Data Ecosystem Development, IBM

Let’s start with a “textbook” definition: Gartner explains that a citizen developer is a user operating outside of the scope of enterprise IT and its governance who creates new business applications for consumption by others either from scratch or by composition. The thought here really is all about leveraging other resources beyond corporate developers for developing new and innovative apps.

citizen developers.png

Why is it important to utilize citizen developers?

  • It frees up IT developers to work on more critical issues
  • It speeds up the time to value equation: you can extend this thought to startups, educational institutions and beyond, and development of cool apps is becoming a community thing!
  • The concept aligns perfectly with the CAMS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social) movement we see in the marketplace today
  • Data collection; for example, let’s say you’re a company that provides an application for navigating the roadways of the world. Would it not be great to have all citizen’s providing real-time feedback on accidents and congestion? Hands free of course! 

So, guess who uses and leverages these citizen developers?

The pacesetters

This falls under one of the three key tenets from The IBM Business Tech Trends Report on how to become a pacesetter, and that tenet is: “Partnering is in their DNA.” Pacesetters leverage all different partner types to get the job done. As a reminder, in last week’s blog we discussed the first tenet: “Analytics is their fuel.”     

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