Assess Your Organization’s Analytical Smarts

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Analytics is a deciding factor that determines whether organizations succeed or fail. Those able to effectively manage, store and tap information for game-changing insights can capitalize on virtually endless opportunities. Those who cannot master the data may ultimately find themselves playing a perennial game of catch-up – or, worse, simply unable to compete.

In short, the proper use of analytics will change how organizations are structured, how daily operations are managed and where new investments are made to create value. In fact, a recent study from Nucleus Research found that companies realize a return of $10.66 for every dollar they invest in analytics.

To allow organizations to better understand how smart they are with analytics, IBM has released a free online self-assessment tool, "Analyze Your Analytics." It only takes minutes to complete and provides respondents with insight into how well an organization aligns, anticipates and acts on information, compared to its industry peers. 

In the era of big data, organizational leaders will be distinguished by their ability to make decisions – big and small, strategic and tactical – based on a comprehensive view of the world around them. This is not a one-time or one-size-fits-all exercise. Each organization’s analytical journey is quite different.

After completing the assessment, respondents will receive a numeric score and customized recommendations based on the responses, job roles and their organization's business objectives.

The recommendations will help organizations weave analytics into the fabric of their business and culture, with focused efforts on key business areas and objectives, including growing, retaining and satisfying customers, increasing operational efficiency, transforming financial processes or managing risk, fraud and regulatory compliance.

The assessment is based on a study by the IBM Institute for Business Value surveying more than 4,500 executives, managers and analysts in multiple industries worldwide. Individual results will be benchmarked against that study and progress rated in three areas:

·         Align - Agility at linking information, including big data, to the business strategy.

·         Anticipate – Ability to analyze data and scenarios to discover patterns to help organizations plan and forecast.

·         Act – Readiness to make strategic and day-to-day decisions guided by sound and timely analytical insights. 

Also, those attending IBM Information on Demand (Oct. 21-25 in Las Vegas) are encouraged to bring the results of their assessment to help guide their visit as well as receive in-depth analysis from IBM experts.

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