Assessing the Impact of Big Data

The Fillmore Group offers classes and solutions for companies thinking about big data

What does big data mean to companies that have been using traditional information management? Is big data even relevant to them? The Fillmore Group can help organizations decide based on factors such as data velocity, variety, and volume.

Solving volume and velocity challenges

For a large e-commerce retailer, the issue was velocity—the need to make decisions in real time. IBM Business Partners that use the retailer’s e-commerce platform to sell their products needed to make adjustments in pricing and inventory levels while commerce was still in flight. These changes required the ability to see what was selling from moment to moment. The Fillmore Group helped the retailer implement IBM® PureData™ System for Analytics, enabling deep analysis of transactional data in real time to empower those decisions.

Another customer, a financial services company, encountered a volume problem. Several of the company’s large commercial customers—each with millions of transactions per month—needed to start keeping two years of data available for analysis instead of only three months’ worth. The solution: IBM DB2® Analytics Accelerator, which enables the bank to manage big data in a cost-effective way. The company’s next project involves using IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights™ to compare that huge new base of historical data with new transactions to help detect fraudulent patterns.

Learning before buying

As consultants and IBM Information Management software resellers, The Fillmore Group also offers IBM-authorized technical education. For customers thinking about big data and its impact, the group recommends taking a class as a first step. Says company founder Frank Fillmore,  “DBAs are used to learning just by downloading a demo and experimenting. But big data technologies are so new that it makes sense to start in an educational setting.”

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