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Elliott McClements
Big Data Business Solutions Executive - Energy & Utilities, IBM

For more than 25 years, Elliott has helped leading companies in Finance, Retail, Telecommunications and Media effectively manage and exploit their expanding data assets - from the introduction of relational databases, through EIM into the realm of big data. He has focused on applying his experience and knowledge for the past 5 years to the emerging analytical demands of the Energy and Utilities sector. He joined IBM in 2012 and is part of the Big Data Industry Team with a focus on Energy and Utilities.

Building Proactive Security with Big Data

July 30, 2013 | by Elliott McClements, Big Data Business Solutions Executive - Energy & Utilities, IBM
The issue of security for the energy and utility industry has historically focused on the physical security of its sites and keeping hackers from accessing the IT environment. This has been reasonably easy to manage as there are limited endpoints, many of which operate in isolation. But this is...