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Dena deBin
Senior Market Manager, IBM

Dena deBin is a senior level thought leader with extensive experience solving demanding information management issues and strategic marketing challenges for complex environments. With over 20 years of information management experience ranging from practitioner to thought leader, she is known in the technology industry for establishing market categories such as Campaign Management, Customer Data Integration (CDI), and spearheading IBM's Information Agenda. Currently Dena is serving as senior global market manager for IBM’s Entity Analytics products.

Big Data, Big Analytics, Big Results – and Big Challenges?

November 13, 2012 | by Dena deBin, Senior Market Manager, IBM
I think we all understand that Big Data is a Big Deal. Every day we are hearing and seeing results that others are achieving and are more than intrigued about what is possible. The entire concept is a breath of fresh air, a significant breakthrough, that helps us efficiently and effectively harness...