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Hao Xin
Co-founder and CTO, Lunewave

Dr. Hao Xin is a professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, professor of Physics, and an Arizona Engineering Fellow at the University of Arizona. He is also the inaugural director of the Cognitive Sensing Center at the University of Arizona. He is the co-founder and CTO of Lunewave Inc. which develops and markets next generation radar for autonomous transportation. He was elected as an IEEE fellow in 2018 citing "contributions to electromagnetic metamaterials and 3D printing of metamaterial structures".

Dreaming of flying cars?

Dreaming of flying cars?

Lunewave's Hao Xin shares how data innovation leads to autonomous vehicles

September 12, 2018 | by Hao Xin, Co-founder and CTO, Lunewave
Lunewave's Hao Xin writes, "As a kid, I dreamed about the flying cars and jetpacks that would hopefully define our future lives. Up until recently, the technology that could make them even remotely possible was both expensive and difficult to manufacture. Now, thanks to 3-D printing and machine...