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Jeff Ramminger
President, Brand Publis

Jeff Ramminger is president of Brand Publis, a strategy and management consultancy focused on all aspects of digital and content marketing. His current focus is working with key technology vendors on a variety of digital and content marketing initiatives including branding, content strategy and architecture, digital advertising, demand generation, social media, sales / marketing intelligence and analytics. Jeff is an independent writer reporting on industry topics and trends, the views expressed in his content are my own and are not endorsed by IBM.

The non-linear customer journey and what it means for marketers

April 4, 2016 | by Jeff Ramminger, President, Brand Publis
Marketers of the past relied on intuition to determine if creative campaigns were working, and focus groups to understand how customers engaged with their brand. The exponential growth of channels on which the customer can interact with brands has meant not only the downfall of the linear customer...