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Jon Case

Jon Case is an MDM product manager at IBM. He is responsible for industry-specific MDM product strategy and solutions at IBM. His MDM experience spans professional services, sales consulting, architecture, and product management. In these roles, Jon has gained insight into past, current, and future trends in Master Data Management and has advised numerous clients on strategies for bringing the value of MDM up from the infrastructure or back-office level to the front-office level, putting master data into the hands of business users and applications to enable more effective business solutions.

Leaky plumbing: Thoughts on the 2014 Gartner MDM Conference in Europe

April 3, 2014 | by Jon Case
I recently attended the Gartner Master Data Management conference in Europe. Andrew White, a senior Gartner analyst, shared a statistic during the opening keynote presentation that stuck with me—the statistic is this: "Roughly 1 in 3 organizations will suffer an information crisis in the next 2...

How MDM Fits with Big Data, Mobile & Cloud

May 6, 2013 | by Jon Case
More and more, organizations are asking how MDM fits in with other emerging trends – namely big data, mobile and cloud.  We’ll discuss how these trends intersect. Big Data - For today's post, big data means the overall umbrella of social media data, unstructured documents, streaming data from...