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Nancy Hensley
Director of Offering Management, IBM Analytics, IBM

Nancy Hensley is the director of technical marketing for IBM Analytics. Nancy has more than 20 years’ experience working in the data business in many capacities, from development and product management to sales and marketing. Before joining IBM, Nancy was a senior project manager at McDonald’s Corporation, working largely on the international side of the business.

Now in the 16th year of her IBM career, Nancy has worked chiefly in sales and technical sales positions. In 2004, she became the business unit executive leading the North American architect and technical teams. In that position, Nancy was granted a patent and a technical innovation award for her work on the data warehouse architecture. In her current role, Nancy runs a global product marketing team focused on business intelligence, predictive analytics, data warehousing, data integration and database technology.

Find Nancy on LinkedIn, and follow her on Twitter @nancykoppDW for more on all things data and analytics.

Combine expertise with technology and become an analytic organization

October 21, 2011 | by Nancy Hensley, Director of Offering Management, IBM Analytics, IBM
At a recent conference I heard a presenter suggest "If your company isn’t embracing data, you risk joining the walking dead". While this sounds alarmist, IBM’s 2010 CFO Study confirms leveraging business analytics as a strategy is sounder than ignoring value buried in data: organizations embracing...

Data Warehouse Appliances – Simplifying the Delivery of Analytics

June 29, 2011 | by Nancy Hensley, Director of Offering Management, IBM Analytics, IBM
So if you would have told me 5 years ago that myself and several key architects from my data warehouse Best Practices Team would be sitting at the opening day together of the IBM Netezza User conference - welI would have fallen out of my chair laughing.