The banking and wealth management professional’s guide to IBM Insight 2015

Social Business Manager, IBM

Customers in the banking industry and clients in the wealth management industry have high expectations, which is only natural. After all, companies in these respective industries are handling something that is of very high value to their customers or clients—their hard-earned money. Therefore, a superior customer experience is key to customer retention and success in the competitive marketplace.

Delivering a superior experience means that banks and wealth management firms need to strategically adopt technology that transforms the organization into an enterprise that is efficient, data driven and customer-centric. Financial services organizations have a number of options for technologies from which they can adopt. For this reason, companies in the banking and wealth management industries need to attend IBM Insight 2015 for a comprehensive, up-close and hands-on look at the technologies that are transforming their industries.

To plan your conference experience, or to learn more about the conference, take a look at some of the featured sessions for the two industries.

Bread and butter

  • Keynote: Why your strategy doesn’t work anymore – Digital reinvention lessons from the C suite—Session #4055
  • Banking industry kickoff: Transforming banking with analytics—Session #3931
  • Financial markets and wealth management industry kickoff: Transforming with Analytics—Session # 3932
  • Actionable insights: Power business process reinvention—Session #3863

Learning from others

  • Customer panel: Driving business results leveraging data and analytics—Session #3965
  • Delivering actionable insights at Citigroup—Session #1372
  • Actionable insights at CIBC Payments Division: A Cognos success story—Session # 3011
  • First National Bank case study: Align operations across multiple banks and branches—Session # 3293

Learning from customers

  • Customer insight analytics: Solutions for wealth management—Session # 3843
  • Mizuho Bank deepens customer insight with big data and analytics—Session #1545
  • ICICI Bank transforms relationships leveraging advanced analytics—Session # 4012

Risky business

  • ING Bank: Delivering a nonfinancial risk dashboard to mobile—Session # 3011
  • Governing the Ungovernable: How DTCC is creating and implementing a standard for financial reporting—Session # 2689
  • A proactive approach to operational risk—Session # 3839

See for yourself

  • EXPO reception: Attend Sunday, Monday or Tuesday night

Banking and wealth management: Both have two sides to them—the numbers and the human factor. IBM provides the data and analytics that financial services organizations need to help increase revenue and improve operational efficiencies for a return on investment (ROI). IBM also provides the people to help organizations make the right decisions on their technology transformation journeys.

Register for IBM Insight 2015, 25–29 October 2015, in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the full experience, or sign up for IBMGO to stream highly essential sessions. Learn more information about the range of industry-specific banking analytics and wealth management analysis solutions. In addition, register for a complimentary workshop that offers guidance on everything from optimizing offers to leveraging analytics for increased customer engagement and planning a roadmap for adopting analytics solutions.