The benefit of focus: Solving specific industry analytics challenges with pre-built solutions

Program Director, Marketing, IBM Analytics

The insights organizations derive from data have the potential to transform the way entire industries do business. But to realize that potential, industries need to be able to focus their efforts, both on the problems they want to solve and on the data analytics best suited to the task. Currently there is a gap in the market between technology and expectation. Organizations want to address very specific problems and use cases, but the available technology is a very broad platform. There is still a lot of work to be done for such a platform to solve specific problems. And it’s hard work building analytic algorithms to answer highly specific questions and acquiring and managing unique data sources.

We at IBM have a different approach to solving that challenge. Rather than bringing a lot of technology capabilities to bear on a wide set of industry problems, we are instead focused on building industry-specific analytics solutions designed to solve very specific problems. When I say “specific problems,” I mean anything from knowing when an oil pump in the field is about to fail and how to alert maintenance technicians about it, to being able to segment banking customers based on behavior and determine what offers are likely to appeal to them. This is a whole new class of analytics solutions that organizations in a particular industry can use as-is or with very few modifications. The benefit to organizations is clear: With fewer resources required to modify technology components, they can get going faster with advanced analytics – so they can start acting on insights versus spending so much time building! us at IBM Insight 2015, and you’ll see some great examples of how our clients are utilizing pre-built industry analytics solutions to transform their industries and professions. You’ll learn how the trailblazers in this area found their way, what they learned and how that knowledge has transformed the way they make decisions and solve problems in their industries. You can get hands-on experience with these solutions in our industry promenade on the show floor – featuring dozens of pre-built industry analytics solutions. It’s an invaluable opportunity, whether you’re a data scientist who wants to understand how to implement the technology in your industry or a business user who wants to see how other organizations have acted on solution-based insights.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to interact with industry peers and exchange ideas on acting on insight. The possibilities are endless, and the outcomes will be transformative. If you want to see how data insights are disrupting your industry and how you can win in the insight economy, register to join us at IBM Insight 2015.