From Big Box to Executive Dashboard

eCapital Advisors helps companies transform their data to deliver analytics on the spot

Imagine you’re a consumer goods executive meeting with your customer, a grocery chain that wants to know the top five product mixes that are selling across the country. Or you’re a manufacturing rep, and a new prospect asks whether you can meet their company’s aggressive delivery schedule. With help from eCapital Advisors, you can answer those questions on the spot using your mobile device, instead of poring over a spreadsheet when you get back to the office. And in today’s competitive landscape, that difference could make or break the deal.

Enabling better, faster business decisions

eCapital Advisors, an IBM Premier Business Partner for over 10 years, delivers business-centered technology solutions that propel companies to outperform their competitors and make better-informed business decisions. It’s no longer enough to offer only front-end solutions, meeting customer demand for executive dashboards with advanced data visualization. eCapital Advisors found that many companies lacked the back-end capabilities or time needed to support a powerful dashboard. The answer: improve the back end, with advanced analytics hardware and software that simplify complex analytics.

Supercharging the entire analytics engine

To meet these needs, eCapital Advisors has expanded its relationship with IBM to include big data, information management, and business analytics, matching a variety of IBM® solutions to customers’ challenges. For example, many customers are tapping into more data sources than ever before, taking advantage of IBM’s big data solutions.

“Today we offer a complete perspective from your big mainframe data warehousing box all the way down to the tablet in your hand,” says Lisa David, a partner at eCapital Advisors. “We’re helping our customers improve the entire analytics engine, so they can have a powerful, graphical dashboard presented to their executives anytime, anywhere. IBM does a great job of providing advanced solution offerings that help us deliver the capabilities our executive customers need.”

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