Big Data, Big Analytics, Big Results – and Big Challenges?

Senior Market Manager, IBM

I think we all understand that Big Data is a Big Deal. Every day we are hearing and seeing results that others are achieving and are more than intrigued about what is possible.

The entire concept is a breath of fresh air, a significant breakthrough, that helps us efficiently and effectively harness more information than ever before and answer critical questions that we didn’t even know to ask!

If you are part of an organization that is investigating and researching what big data really is and what it could and should be in your community, then I highly recommend that you listen to Aarti Borkar’s recent podcast. She discusses IBM’s point of view for big data and clearly outlines some key challenges that need to be addressed in the big data ecosystem for governance, security and data lifecycle management.

If you don’t know Aarti, she is quite refreshing and very knowledgeable. As IBM Program Director of Product Management for InfoSphere Optim governance portfolio, she spends most of her days working with end users and leading-edge technologies. She identifies needs and builds product roadmaps, addressing strategy and long-term vision of product modules to ensure customer successes.

Her knowledge can be very valuable to you since she invests a significant amount of time in big data projects. She knows some pitfalls you can avoid and the technologies and techniques that can assist in the process.

This clear and concise interview-style podcast covers issues that you may not have even considered yet and provides specific techniques that are a must know!

The podcast lasts only about 10 minutes and is definitely worth a listen - Click here for the podcast