Big Data, Big Opportunities: Telecommunications

Industry Marketing Manager - Communications, IBM

In my blog post last month, I wrote about mobile couponing and how communications service providers (CSPs) can analyze location data generated by millions of mobile devices and use the resulting insights to deliver customized services and offers that consumers want.

CSPs have a wealth of information about their subscribers, including their preferences, likes and dislikes. I have opted to use mobile couponing because it delivers the “art of bargain” right to my phone while I am on the go. I have set my “opt-in” preferences in such a way that I won’t be bothered with offers that don’t match my needs and desires.

Using location data requires tools – big data tools – that are capable of analyzing large volumes of data at high velocity to give subscribers a way to opt-in to share their location data with CSPs and their partners, creating opportunities for new revenue streams.

The IBM team just returned from Mobile World Congress 2013 where the potential of this unending flood of data generated from the increasing ubiquity of mobile devices could have “turned on the lights” in Barcelona.

The IBM booth received hundreds of visitors every day, and three topics were top of the mind for service providers:

  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Network analytics
  • Customer data and location monetization

Service providers are turning their attention to streamlining their call centers – making them more efficient and pro-active in terms of customer care. With Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) dropping, service providers have realized that customer data and location monetization is vital to growth and they need to act quickly. There is no time like the present to begin benefitting from this golden opportunity!

At Mobile World Congress, we previewed an animation that illustrates how big data powers mobile couponing. Have a cup of coffee while you watch Big Data, Big Opportunities: Telecommunications. Enjoy!

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