Big data = big outcomes

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Customers expect more: they expect smart, they expect simple, they expect fast and they expect value. This transcends all industries, and big data is helping enterprises rise to this challenge.

Much time has been spent in recent years talking about why big data is such a technological opportunity. While that holds true, it has become increasingly important for enterprises to demonstrate what big data means and the impact of big data insights on their business success.

As a longtime marketer, something I care a lot about is understanding client success. I like to know how the technology that enterprises deploy actually drives business value—the “how” and the “why” behind the outcomes. Big data is far more than just a buzz word made up of a variety of hardware and software components; it’s a game changing opportunity for clients seeking happier customers.

Leveraging big data for better outcomes and happier customers is something IBM clients are really starting to demonstrate across industries.


For example, Globe Telecom, a leading CSP based in the Philippines continues to find ways to leverage the power of big data and analytics to create happier customers. According to Globe Telecom CEO, Ernest Cu the reality is clear: “Consumers at the end of the day don’t really care what the technology is behind the service they are looking for. They want their network to be always available, they want their texting to be reliable, to get there within seconds.” They realize the importance of truly understanding client needs and then offering the right mix of services, quickly. By leveraging IBM InfoSphere Streams for real-time analytics, the agility they have introduced to their mobile service delivery business has allowed Globe to truly translate marketing insights into optimized services for clients. Review their complete story here.

At XO Communications, one of the largest CSPs in the US, they pride themselves in delivering a superior customer experience. Bill Helmrath, director of business intelligence at XO Communications says: “To XO Communications, every customer counts, regardless of size. It is vital for us to have a better understanding of our customers than our competitors do, so we cannot rest on our laurels. We need to keep finding new ways to capture customer information and use it more effectively.” They have deployed several IBM big data and analytics offerings to better understand customer behavior, the role of customer service on client satisfaction and retention and client growth. But, they have realized it’s not about understanding what happened, it’s about evolving to a place where they can predict what will happen. According to XO’s Chris Payne, “The further we can push our predictive horizons, and the more accurate our models become, the more proactive we can be about addressing issues—keeping customer satisfaction levels as high as possible. As the value of the results we get rise, we see more and more employees demanding more up-to-date analyses, showing the increasingly significant role IBM analytics plays in our day-to-day operations.” Read more about XO’s journey to optimize customer satisfaction.

For MultiView, the leading business-to-business (B2B) digital media publisher for associations, big data exploration is a critical part of their ability to provide the most relevant search results to their clients through their various buyers’ guides. By leveraging Watson Explorer for big data exploration and search, they have been able to improve the search relevancy and overall turnaround time for buyers guide creation by 85 percent. Read the full study here.

These are just a few examples of the ways enterprises are choosing to the leverage power of big data to drive better outcomes and create happier customers.

At IBM we spend a lot of time talking about the power of big data, from educating students and professionals around the world to providing offerings, experts and solutions that allow enterprises to take advantage of the big data opportunity today. These are just a sampling of the new and exciting ways our clients are really driving better outcomes with big data and analytics. I welcome your own examples, thoughts and perspectives as well.