Big data for the business, Hadoop for the enterprise

Program Director, Marketing, IBM Analytics

Announcing InfoSphere BigInsights v3.0 for Hadoop

Big data refers to all the new and emerging types of data available from sensors to social media and other sources. It includes unstructured information such as emails, video, PDFs and photos. Combine that with traditional data about customers, products and transactions, and it’s easy to see that organizations are being presented with more information than they ever had before. This represents both a challenge as well as a huge opportunity.

One technology that IT organizations are turning to in order to augment and modernize their IT environments is Apache Hadoop. Hadoop is an open source project and provides a platform to store vast amounts of information: what we lovingly refer to as big data. Hadoop is not meant to replace traditional data management solutions such as relational databases, but instead offers a cost effective way to deal with the growing volumes of information coming at us at great speed.

However, the value does not come from storing information, but instead from being able to get information out and make sense of it by applying it to business decisions, applications and actions. In order to effectively capitalize on big data stored in Hadoop, the platform must be enterprise ready. This means it must include tools that traditional data management environments have such as integration, performance, security and administration just to name a few.


For the past 30 years, SQL has been the most common tool to retrieve information and ask questions of data so that business decisions and actions can be taken. With SQL-on-Hadoop offerings, Hadoop is becoming more readily available to organizations of all sizes because every IT department has experience with SQL. SQL-on-Hadoop enables those skilled with SQL to develop solutions and applications based on data within Hadoop, ultimately lowering cost and risk.

New in InfoSphere BigInsights v3.0 for Hadoop

The newly announced version 3.0 of IBM InfoSphere BigInsights for Hadoop features significant enhancements to ensure Hadoop is enterprise ready. Big SQL (IBM’s SQL-on-Hadoop solution) offers two main advantages: greater speed and broader SQL support to ensure applications and decision makers that depend on data in Hadoop have it at their fingertips when needed. In addition to performance, federation enables users to query multiple data sources once, saving cost and lowering risk by letting data stay put. InfoSphere BigInsights v3.0 for Hadoop also includes search via Solr, security via Kerberos and enhanced, do-it-yourself spreadsheet analysis via BigSheets. These features ensure Hadoop is ready for the challenges of today’s enterprise.

Learn more about what’s new with InfoSphere BigInsights and visit the BigInsights Knowledge Center for more info.